The Toast That Started It All

It was all a dream…actually, it was an evening out with friends at a local Clearwater Beach bar.  Our normal crew were all gathered together celebrating the end of another work week. 
The difference between us and most other working Americans, our local bar was beach front and filled with high paying no named tourists.  Staff treated us like local celebrities, just happy to serve familiar faces.  Ah the perks of being local! 
We were carrying on as usual for a Friday, laughing, joking, and sharing stories about our week, and then it happened!  

Co-founder Mark Warady offered  a toast, The Toast, that started it all…”To Locals Living Like Tourists!” 

Everyone cheered and finished their shots!

Co-founder Nathan Maggio had a different reaction.  His facial expression was that of someone having an A-Ha moment.  Nathan had just heard a phrase that would eventually turn into a lifestyle and then into brand.  Nathan looked at Mark and said, “We have to run with this.” 

And run they did. So next time you’re with a group a friends or random strangers, celebrating a huge event, or small get-together, make sure to give a toast to 3LT, “To Locals Living Like Tourists."

Mark Warady
President of Locals Living Like Tourists

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  • Sarah

    I was just scrolling through the list of exhibitors at Expo, and your phrase definitely SCREAMED at me!! I’ll be stopping by the booth this week – gotta have this in my shop!
    Local Living like a Tourist – Galveston Island, Texas

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