Locals Living Like Tourists (3LT) - First Time Exhibitors in Surf Expo Orlando 2018 Orlando, FL January 2018

It was only a year prior that Mark Warady and Nathan Maggio had stood on the escalators heading down to Surf Expo to walk among thousands of exhibits and brands.
At that time, Locals Living Like Tourists was a fully registered Trademark with USPTO and the brand had just started taking off with online sales at www.3ltonline.com.
The road to becoming an actual exhibitor on the Surf Expo floor seemed long and risky.
"We knew our brand belonged at Surf Expo as soon as we walked on the floor that first year," said Mark Warady, 3LT President.
The two business partners began the long and tedious process of transforming an online clothing store to a wholesale, inventory stocking retail company.
"We started by cold calling our local Clearwater beach shops until one of them gave us a shot in May and put our clothing line on their sales floor," said Nathan Maggio 3LT CEO.  "The sales were extremely positive."
The next step, making a Locals Living Like Tourists 2018 catalog so that they could easily sell the brand to retailers.
"Once we were selling in stores and using the catalog, we knew it was time to design our booth for the next Surf Expo," said Warady.
The 3LT Clothing Co. successfully made their Surf Expo debut and sold double digit wholesale purchase orders.  The retail buyers response to the brand was just what they had been hoping to hear.    
"I was most excited about getting our brand into over ten different states including the Virgin Islands and Aruba!" said Maggio.  "I just love seeing peoples reaction when they read the brand for the first time and get it."
Locals Living Like Tourists will be appearing with their 3LT pop up store at the Madeira Beach Block Party this weekend, February 10th and 11th.  Shirts will be sold one for $20 or two for $30.
They will also be hosting Spring Break Clearwater Beach Bar Crawls over the last weekend in February through March, every Saturday starting at 7:00 PM EST at Jimmy's Crows Nest and entry fee is only $30.  You can sign up at www.3ltbarcrawl.com
Sarah Crow
VP of Marketing

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