3LT Ambassador Program

Do you have a boatload of friends or followers just waiting for you to tell them what to do or wear? 

Then you are in luck because right now 3LT is launching a nationwide Ambassador Program for Locals Living Like Tourists, a young and fresh new clothing line!

We need a ton of help and we can't do it without you.

It works like this:  

1. Email us at "owner@3lt.co" your PayPal email info so you can start making $$$!

2.  Next we email your unique promo code to you (Ex: "sarah") so your friends and followers can get 20% OFF!

3.  You then must purchase your first 3LT item at 3LTonline.com using your promo code (get 20% OFF your cost but also earn your first $2 commission!)

4.  When you receive your 3LT gear, post a pic on social media sharing our product and your unique promo code with your friends and followers.

5.  Every time someone uses your code (even for your first purchase), the customer gets 20% OFF and you get $2 per product purchased.

6.  On the 3rd of every month we send your total commissions earned via PayPal ($2 per product purchased with your unique promo code).

That's it!  Once you have your code you just have to convince people to use it and start stacking up the easy cash!

What are you waiting for?  

Start your creating your 3LT Ambassador Paycheck today!


The 3LT Team

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